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Turban x T-shirt Policy London

29 Oct

Hi ladies, hope you all are doing great! So I have been struggling with posts because I have no photographer to take my pics ;( I thought why not take matters into my own hands and use a tripod. So I took a few pics (which were horrible) it really is not easy taking your own pictures.

Here is what I wore today hope you guys like it and hopefully I will get to keep this up



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Outfit of the Day: Turban

31 Mar



I absolutely LOVE the turban trend so obviously when I saw this at my last visit to global village I had to have it! I know a lot of people do not really like this trend and don’t get it BUT I can’t get enough of it! It just looks so classy. Here is my take on the turban trend. Hope you guys like it and remember don’t be afraid to try new trends!

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