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Fabulous Bargains!

7 Dec



I have been wanting to share this with you guys for a while but never got around to (sorry!) This is mainly for people living in Dubai/UAE. I love finding things that look great and are so affordable. Who doesn’t love a bargain?? Day to Day is a store in Dubai where you can find everything from clothes, jewelry, food items, household items etc which are affordable. It is one of those stores where you really have to look and sometimes come across some great stuff. While I was there I came across these bracelets that really reminded me of Michael Kors ones except these are colored. And the price is amazing as well (I think they were around AED 12). They look great if you add them with other bracelets. I also came across a long pearl necklace for only AED 3.50 (that’s less than a dollar)!!! They have so many colors in it as well. So for those of you who have not gone there check it out. Its located opposite Deira City Center in Dubai.  Continue reading


Personal Stylist

21 Oct

To all the fashionistas in Dubai,

Don’t know what to wear? Having trouble picking out the latest trends and putting pieces together? Or just want some tips while you’re out shopping? Well look no further because I can be your personal stylist!!! Continue reading

New on Kanwal J!

13 Aug

I decided to add a new section on to my blog where I will be sharing great bargains or interesting stuff I come across 🙂 I get a lot of questions about where I buy stuff from or where to find certain things. So this new section- ‘Fabulous Finds’ is the best way to share it with you guys. This awesome idea was given to me by one of my blog readers, Wajiha. Thank you for the idea:) Hope you all enjoy it!

For Mom’s in Dubai check out Wajiha’s Mirdif Kids Club page here



Kanwal J.



Trip to Istanbul

12 Feb

My husband and I took a short trip to Istanbul last week. The city is so beautiful, it has so much history and the people are great! It was very cold this time of year compared to Dubai. One of my fav places to go was the grand bazaar where they have amazing jewelry:) The shopkeepers try to rip you off so you really have to bargain. There is so much to do there we only had 5 days which is really not enough. Oh and they had such adorable cats there!

Can’t wait to go back:)

Here are are a few pics from our trip. Will be putting up some pics of the great jewelry I found so stayed tuned.


xoxo Continue reading