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Makeup Organization & Storage

4 Dec

Hi dolls

Hope you all are doing great! I’m such a freak when it comes to organization I love having things neatly set so it is easy to find! Here is how I store my make. Please don’t forget to subscribe and like my videos:)




Trip to Istanbul

12 Feb

My husband and I took a short trip to Istanbul last week. The city is so beautiful, it has so much history and the people are great! It was very cold this time of year compared to Dubai. One of my fav places to go was the grand bazaar where they have amazing jewelry:) The shopkeepers try to rip you off so you really have to bargain. There is so much to do there we only had 5 days which is really not enough. Oh and they had such adorable cats there!

Can’t wait to go back:)

Here are are a few pics from our trip. Will be putting up some pics of the great jewelry I found so stayed tuned.


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