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DIY Floral Sneakers

22 Jun

Hope you all are doing great! I’ve been wanting to do a DIY for a while but with a toddler its a little difficult getting some time out and doing stuff for myself. I know I have been neglecting my blog a lot and I really don’t like it but getting near a computer is pretty hard these days. Especially as I have no help or someone to watch my lil one it gets hard to do “extra curricular’ activities that don’t involve cooking, cleaning, etc.

So here is fun little DIY I did that is perfect for summer. I really love doing crafts and whenever I go into Michaels I go insane! I bought  a pair of grey sneakers from Ardene (they have an offer for 2 pairs for $20) and i wanted to add something to them so I bought pearls and flowers to make them a little more fun!

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Art: Yalda Jafari

21 Mar

Yalda Jafari is an Artist based in Dubai whose art work is refreshingly unique and very impressive. I just love her paintings and the colors she uses. Here are a few pictures of her work.

For information on paintings please contact the artist at yalda.artist@gmail.com  and checkout more of her work at Yalda Jafari Continue reading