DIY Floral Sneakers

22 Jun

Hope you all are doing great! I’ve been wanting to do a DIY for a while but with a toddler its a little difficult getting some time out and doing stuff for myself. I know I have been neglecting my blog a lot and I really don’t like it but getting near a computer is pretty hard these days. Especially as I have no help or someone to watch my lil one it gets hard to do “extra curricular’ activities that don’t involve cooking, cleaning, etc.

So here is fun little DIY I did that is perfect for summer. I really love doing crafts and whenever I go into Michaels I go insane! I bought  a pair of grey sneakers from Ardene (they have an offer for 2 pairs for $20) and i wanted to add something to them so I bought pearls and flowers to make them a little more fun!


Things you will need for this DIY:

– Sneakers

– E6000 Glue

– Scissors

– Flowers

– Flat pearls



The first step is to cut the flowers and see how many you want to put on the shoe.



Once that is done start putting the glue on the back of the flower and placing the flower where you want on the shoe. I placed them a little far apart as I wanted to add the pearls as well.


You want to make sure when you apply the flower on the shoe to hold it in place  for a few minutes so it does not come off before placing the next flower. I then stuffed the shoe with tissue so it helped in keeping the flower in its place.

Let it dry a little before going onto the next step.





I used flat pearls so that it would be easier to sit onto the shoe. These are adhesive ones but I still put glue on the back of it so they would stay on. Since the pearls are small I wanted to use something to apply the glue. My husband got some free golf tee’s (and he doesn’t play golf) so I used that to apply the glue. I know not the ideal thing to use but they were right there and he would never use them:)



I wanted both the shoes to look similar so I placed the pearls and flowers on the same spots on both the shoes.

Here is the final product! The glue is still drying so I left the tissue in. Will do an outfit post soon and show you guys how I styled these:)





Hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you want me to share more DIY’s please comment below:)

I also wanted to let you guys know that I know I have not been to active here but you can always follow me on snap chat (kanwalj7) and Instagram (kanwalj) to see what I am upto as I post there regularly.



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  1. thegarsowtwins June 22, 2015 at 4:29 pm #

    These are so cute for summer! Feel free to check out our blog, 🙂

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