Guest Blogger: Anulekha Goswami

1 May

Today’s post is a little different from what I usually post. I would like to introduce a fellow blogger Anulekha Goswami on Kanwal J. We got introduced through a friend for our common passion for fashion.  She  blogs on Confessions of the I.T. Fashionista  She is one of my favorite bloggers so you HAVE to go follow her blog!

Today she is sharing a very inspiring story with us..

“Lose weight now. Ask me how”- By Anulekha Goswami

If you have been anywhere in India. You will know what this random sign on the back of a car or on a flyer meant. And if you were healthy( a very Indian way of saying FAT), you could swear you felt all those judgmental eyes piercing you, a million at a time. Or what about that cheeky classmate or workmate who makes rude remarks about your appearance and expects you to laugh with them.Well, I faced all of this and more. But I was strong.

 I am not writing this to make you feel good about being unhealthy. I am not a healer. I am truth teller. So here it is. If you are not happy with your weight, your body, then only you can change it. If you choose to make excuses then that is all you’re going to be left with. I often quote this line to people who seek my help – “If you always do what you do, you will always get what you got” So if you have your cuppa with whipped cream and if dessert is an event, then do not complain about your flab. You can not be two people at once – one who lives an unhealthy lifestyle and one who craves good health. This realization struck me when I was left yearning for a dress that came in an XL and I looked like a stuffed sausage in it, and it did not even zip. 

Never leave anything for tomorrow that needs attention today.


The same evening I went and looked up 4 gyms. Yes, I shopped for a gym. I spoke to all the trainers. 1 out of the 4 did not judge me for being 108 kgs, and it sort of chose me. 

Rule1 – Choose an activity and stick to it like glue for 5 days a week.

I worked out everyday till the time I couldn’t take it any more. Wrong move – I needed to burn only 500 cals and eat 300 cals lesser to lose 500 gms of FAT per week. 


Rule 2 – Weight loss = 80% diet+20%workout

I ate my largest/heaviest meal at the time of day when I had the most activity, which was my breakfast.


Rule 3 – Breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king and dinner like a pauper.

I worked out in the evenings. Just plain simple going to the gym and focusing on the body I wanted. I had a picture of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and JLo in their bikinis as my wallpaper.


Rule 4 – Have a visual goal. Most time when you don’t know what you want, you can’t achieve it.

As against popular weight loss belief, I ate carbohydrates. I ate icecream. I ate chocolate. I ate. I ate well.


Rule 5 – You can work out any time of the day. The body doesn’t understand time of day or what you eat as long as it is healthy. It’s a machine that understands mathematics – burn more than you eat = weight loss.

So that’s a little glimpse of how I started. How I continued is another story. Human body is strange that way and gets used to a work out in 8 weeks. So I changed the game every 6 weeks. Kick boxing, weight training, combat training, power yoga, pilates, aerobics. I have done it all.


Rule 6 – Challenge your body, at least every 6 weeks.

You might like to know that it took 5 months before someone noticed that I lost a little weight, when the scale showed a whopping 15 kg loss. 


Rule 7 – Please yourself and do it for yourself. Not to hear some one else tell you that you look a little lean.

I am often asked what I eat or if I am on a diet now. I was never and will never be on a diet. I changed my lifestyle. It’s a choice, not a compulsion. You can choose to be FAT or you can choose to be FIT. I chose to be fit. I eat what my body will appreciate. I eat what makes my skin sing. I eat what makes me happy, healthy. So yes. I don’t eat a donut or a brownie. I do not binge eat or drink. I avoid buffets like the plague. I think junk food is murder. I drink my coffee with skim/soy milk without sugar. I am sure you get the picture. 


Rule 8 – Eat it only if you won’t regret it. 

 One last rule – 

500 calories burnt/not eaten per 7 days of the week = 3500 calories burnt/eaten less = 500 grams of fat loss.

Losing fat is permanent loss. You will never gain it back.

And burning 500 calories is nothing. A class of zumba/aerobics – 700+calories. Power yoga/Bikram Yoga – 450 calories. Cleaning the house for an hour – 385 calories. Get a calorie counting app and keep track of your progress. I actually use it before I eat anything and after I have done something. Every. Single. Time.


This is how I live now. This is what I do now. This is what I am. Some say obsessed. Some say fitness freak. Some say “give it a break”. Some say “Enough already”. Well, I think they just can’t tell dedication from obsession. 


And of course  the biggest perk of getting leaner for a fashionista, like moi, is actually getting to choose what you want to buy at a store as opposed to what fits you. The awesome feeling of fitting into a dress and when you walk out of the fitting room, your husband’s jaw drops to the floor in awe. The awesome feeling that every girl wants to be like you and that you actually inspire people. The awesome feeling that you do not need to look at Pinterest for inspiration. The awesome feeling that you feel it is more important to attend your yoga class than to get a pedicure to feel better. The awesome feeling that you are in charge. The awesome feeling of strength after weight training at the gym. The awesome adrenalin rush at the last sprint. The awesome feeling of endorphin filling you up. The awesome feeling that you’d rather be hot than cute.


The awesome feeling.


PS: Here’s something my dad told me after I hit my target – 

Each one of us is an individual, and what works for one must be discovered by that person himself/herself. Trainers and dietitians are more like psychological props or ‘placebos’. That to rely completely on them, hoping that their ‘magic’ formula can transform the person does not work. Above all it is a potent combination of one’s willpower, determination, clear visualization of desired self-image, dedication and love-of-self that results in a lasting transformation – a metamorphosis, if you will because metamorphosis is not reversible, while transformation is.




2 Responses to “Guest Blogger: Anulekha Goswami”

  1. Iman May 1, 2013 at 10:01 am #

    An extremely gutsy and inspiring story! love it!

    • hiba khn May 1, 2013 at 10:30 am #

      so so so so so so so so so so so so proud of you Anulekha makes me want to work out RIGHT NOW! keep sharing your inspirational thoughts! Proud of you!

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