Thick,Long Hair!

26 Sep


Who doesn’t want long, thick, beautiful hair? I am constantly looking for way to get my hair long and healthy looking. Coconut milk is the answer for all who desperately want just that. Most of us apply coconut oil on our hair which is great, but so is coconut milk. It is also easily available at your local grocery store.

Benefit of coconut milk:

1. Strengthens hair

2. Makes it long and thick

3. Helps in controlling dandruff

4. Makes your hair soft

5. Helps curbing hair loss

6. Stops hair from breaking and shedding

7. Can be used as a conditioner


How to Apply coconut milk:

Massage it on your hair and scalp and wear a shower cap as there may be some dripping.  Keep it on for at least 1 hour and then rinse off.


Image Credit: babyliss



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