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Outfit of the Day

13 Jun

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Outfit of the Day: Nautical

11 Jun

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Pre-Birthday Surprise!!

10 Jun

The past weekend was so amazing! My husband and friends had an early surprise birthday bash for me. My birthday is actually next week but I will not be in town so they had it a week before. It was such an AMAZING surprise!! I was definitely surprised and had no clue they were planning it. My birthday cake for AWESOME and yummy.

LV Birthday Cake from Shafaq’s Bake House

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Makeup for Summer Time

7 Jun

It is that time of year again and living in the desert can get unbearably hot and humid! Which means your makeup is most definitely going to melt off. So here are some tips and tricks for makeup during the summer.

The first rule is ‘LESS IS ALWAYS MORE’ . Try not to apply to much makeup as it will melt off and then it just looks bad. Continue reading