Benefits of Coconut Oil

8 Aug

There are so many benefits of coconut oil I don’t know where to start! It is great for your hair, skin and body:) I have been using it on my hair since I was young but I started using it recently on my face as well. Almost a month ago I went to the salon to get my waxing done and the lady some how burnt me. I was so devastated because the scar was on my face and very visible. So a friend of mine told me to apply coconut oil and the scar would go away in a few days and it did. It went away in just 2 days:)

I started applying it under my eyes as well and it really helps removes any fine lines. Coconut oil is really moiturizing which is good for dry skin. It can also be used to remove any blemishes and acne scar, but this might not work for everyone so please do test it on your skin before regular use.

Coconut oil is also good for weight loss ( though I have not tried this yet). It reduces cholesterol, stress, and improves your immune system.

Applying coconut oil to your hair is great if you are looking to grow it or even just for keeping your hair healthy and nourished. Some people don’t like using it because of the smell but guys this stuff is great for you inside and out:)


One Response to “Benefits of Coconut Oil”

  1. Sara August 9, 2011 at 6:31 am #

    Thanks for the great tip Kanwal! I’ve heard a lot about the wonders of coconut oil.. will surely try and let you know!

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